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Exclusive: Synopsys and the evolution of robust security
Thu, 23rd Nov 2023

In an in-depth conversation, Synopsys' Software Integrity Group shared detailed insights about their approach to software development and security, highlighting how they are addressing the evolving challenges in this domain.

Synopsys stands out with its comprehensive range of software security products, designed to be compatible with third-party and open-source tools. This approach enables organizations to build upon their existing security investments, a crucial aspect in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.

A significant milestone for Synopsys was the launch of Software Risk Manager, an application security posture management solution. This innovative product aims to streamline application security testing across various teams and projects, a crucial need in the complex world of software development.

The integration of artificial intelligence in their operations marks a significant stride for Synopsys. They are currently previewing an AI code analysis tool intended to help developers use AI tools effectively while navigating the complexities of license terms - a challenge in many software composition analysis tools.

Synopsys serves a broad range of customers, reflecting the widespread reliance on software across various sectors. The company's solutions are designed to tackle the challenge of ensuring software security and reliability amid growing cyber threats.

The trend of digital transformation has been a key driver for Synopsys’ growth, leading to a surge in software development across industries. This has consequently increased the demand for robust solutions to detect and address software defects and vulnerabilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shift to hybrid work models have expedited the adoption of cloud-based solutions. Synopsys has responded to this change by focusing on cloud-based solutions, supporting the needs of distributed workforces.

Synopsys’ strategy heavily involves partnerships. They work with a wide array of partners, including cloud providers, distributors, resellers, and global system integrators. These partnerships ensure that Synopsys’ solutions are versatile and adaptable to different environments.

Jason Schmitt, General Manager of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, emphasized the importance of application security, “The recent high-profile vulnerabilities and software supply chain attacks have highlighted the complexities and critical nature of application security,” Schmitt remarked. He also pointed out Synopsys’ strategic initiatives, including acquisitions and the introduction of new services, to enhance their capabilities in this area.

Schmitt further acknowledged Synopsys’ consistent recognition by Gartner as a Leader in Application Security Testing. “This recognition for the seventh consecutive year speaks to our vision and ability to adapt to the evolving market requirements,” he added.

Synopsys' strategic approach to software security reflects the efforts to address the challenges in an increasingly digital and complex world, underscoring its commitment to software integrity and security.