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IGEL redefines enterprise endpoint security with innovative model
Sat, 6th Jan 2024

IGEL, the provider of secure endpoint operating systems (OS), has revealed a novel strategy to redefine secure endpoints in an enterprise environment. This revolutionary approach is defined by the IGEL Preventative Security Model, which was developed to bolster Zero Trust and SASE initiatives and significantly reduce endpoint susceptibility to harmful incursions.

The dynamic elements of this approach will be comprehensively explored at IGEL DISRUPT 24, IGEL's next annual DISRUPT End User Computing (EUC) Forum, from April 29 through May 1, 2024, in Miami.

Klaus Oestermann, CEO at IGEL, discussed the wider implications of their new vision. He explained, "Many organisations have migrated endpoint workloads to VDI, DaaS or SaaS infrastructure, which are often accessed through secure browsers in response to a cloud-first approach."

Oestermann stressed that this trend offered "a unique opportunity to reassess the enterprise endpoint. Through IGEL's Preventative Security Model, IGEL OS reduces the endpoint attack surface by 95%, dramatically reduces endpoint purchasing and operational costs, and helps organisations meet sustainability and Zero Trust goals."

The Preventative Security Model, Oestermann added, portrays IGEL OS as "the most secure and efficient endpoint OS for enterprises across all major vertical industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and government."

With its eye on revolutionising the enterprise endpoint OS, IGEL has also launched a redesigned logo that encapsulates its fundamental Preventative Security Model. The company has detailed the model's layered support to Zero Trust and SASE initiatives through five key pillars.

Firstly, the system is read-only, inhibiting malware installation at the endpoint. Secondly, it prohibits local data storage, preventing data loss or stealthy data theft. Next, it operates as a trusted application platform, ensuring no code has been altered. Fourthly, it ensures SSO integration, authentication and SASE through partners, including Microsoft and Okta. Finally, its compact modular design of just 2GB safeguards against attacks.

IGEL's OS has garnered considerable industry adoption due to its unique adaptability in catering to different industries' specific workflow and governance demands. The OS underpins industry-specific solutions in diverse sectors, from healthcare to government. Notably, it is deployed by Europe's top five hospital groups, three of Europe's largest banks, five of North America's top 10 retailers, all of Europe's top 10 manufacturers and numerous government agencies globally.

Besides this, IGEL OS combines economic efficiency and sustainability by significantly reducing the total cost of endpoint computing and decreasing power consumption by up to 60%. It allows organisations to remove unnecessary endpoint security and management agents while facilitating the purchase and use of less powerful processors. Furthermore, IGEL OS can extend endpoint lifecycles from three to five years to eight years, proving highly cost-effective.

IGEL's annual EUC event, IGEL DISRUPT 24, will serve as a launching pad for informing delegates about the potential of the Preventative Security Model and will witness the convergence of industry leaders and visionaries to share best practices, insights and latest technological trends in endpoint security.