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Ignition Technology & Illumio partner to boost UK & Ireland's cybersecurity
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

Ignition Technology, a prominent distributor of disruptive SaaS-based cybersecurity solutions, is partnering with Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) company Illumio. This partnership marks Illumio's first distribution ally in the UK & Ireland.

The collaboration aims to refine Illumio's channel strategy and spur channel engagement and recruitment, facilitating accelerated market presence and customer acceptance of its industry-leading ZTS technology in the region.

Despite record-breaking cybersecurity investments, organisations worldwide still face escalating breaches. Threats like ransomware consistently penetrate perimeter defences and slide surreptitiously to reach crucial assets and infrastructure, resulting in a critical demand for breach containment to build cyber resilience. ZTS, known as micro-segmentation, is a contemporary security approach to containing and reducing the effects of breaches and ransomware.

The partnership will empower Ignition to provide Illumio's Zero Trust Segmentation platform, including CloudSecure. The Illumio ZTS platform thwarts breaches from proliferating across the cloud, endpoints, and data centres by persistently visualising how workloads and devices communicate. It creates detailed policies that only permit required communication and, proactively or during an active attack, automatically isolates breaches by limiting lateral movement.

Dave Risk, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Ignition Technology, remarked, "We are delighted to add Illumio to our industry-leading cybersecurity portfolio and are excited by the growth opportunities we see in the market around Zero Trust Segmentation."

"The Illumio ZTS Platform fills a natural gap in our portfolio, offering channel partners a modern and complementary security solution to take to existing customers, as well as addressing a growing market need to target new customer opportunities. We look forward to working closely with the Illumio team to scale out its channel presence across the region."

As per the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Microsegmentation, by 2026, 60% of enterprises oriented towards Zero Trust architecture will use more than one type of microsegmentation deployment, a drastic jump from less than 5% in 2023. With Illumio ZTS, channel partners can meet this surging market need and equip customers to prevent breaches from leading to disastrous results.

Adrian Crawley, the Vice President of EMEA Sales at Illumio, emphasised the growing demand for Zero Trust Segmentation, noting that organisations are recognising the limitations of traditional security approaches in responding to modern cyber threats, particularly in extending security to the cloud.

In response to this demand, Illumio has expanded its channel team in the UK and Ireland, doubling its capacity. Crawley highlighted the need for a specialised partner to enhance their channel presence further and reach, and in this regard, Ignition stood out as the preferred choice.

Adrian Crawley added, "Demand for Zero Trust Segmentation has reached a tipping point as organisations realise that traditional security methods can't provide the agility required to respond to modern-day attacks and race to extend Zero Trust to the cloud."

"We have already doubled our channel team in the UK and Ireland in response. We needed a specialist partner to help us scale our channel presence and reach. Ignition's reputation, pedigree, and proven track record in enabling and energising channel partners around disruptive and innovative cybersecurity technologies make them the obvious choice."