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Industrial Defender unveils vulnerability management tool
Thu, 4th Jan 2024

Industrial Defender, a prominent provider of OT asset data and cybersecurity solutions for industrial entities, has unveiled the Industrial Defender Risk Signal, a new intelligent, risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution. Designed to prioritise vulnerability based on potential impact, this innovative tool incorporates threat intelligence and correlates it to a user's particular business context.

The state-of-the-art RBVM solution signifies a substantial step towards proactive vulnerability management within industrial environments. By focusing on vulnerabilities relevant to user-specific operations, security experts can use the Industrial Defender Risk Signal to dramatically condense vulnerability lists by over 97 percent. This becomes indispensable as operators strive for meaningful responses, dealing with a vast array of vulnerabilities that could pose genuine risks to their organisation based on OT asset purpose and relevance to operations.

CEO of Industrial Defender, Jay Williams, emphasised the gravity of understanding the actual risk emanating from discovered vulnerabilities when dealing with operational technology. He highlighted how vital it is for operators to obtain accurate insights on potential impacts upon their operations and production. Williams stated, "Not only are they dealing with an increasingly overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, but they also need reliable information before deciding to patch or make any changes in these operational environments, out of concern for downtime or disruption." He further enunciated the principal objective of the Industrial Defender Risk Signal, which is to empower operators in responding strategically to vulnerabilities posing genuine risks to their operations.

In the realm of thousands of vulnerabilities, this pioneering solution sifts through them all, using a composite of traditional vulnerability severity scores, external threat intelligence and the business importance of assets to compute a "Priority Score." This score equips organisations with the aptitude to strategise, resulting in an effective remediation plan to secure their operational functionality and continuity optimally.

This Priority Score is finetuned to mirror each organisation's unique risk appetite and business needs. It grants users the liberty to decide the business and technical factors important to them. Furthermore, Industrial Defender Risk Signal comes packed with features such as integrated threat intelligence, customisable risk tolerance, and unique business considerations. It enables a whopping 97 percent reduction in the number of identified vulnerabilities and provides consolidated data from different sources for versatile team usage.

In a nutshell, the introduction of Industrial Defender Risk Signal signifies a breakthrough in the field of industrial cybersecurity and vulnerability management, providing enhanced, focused, and potentially game-changing solutions to safeguard industrial operations.