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Seraphic Security & Acora join forces to enhance browser security
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

In the modern era of widespread remote working, enterprise browser security is more important than ever. Leading the charge in this sector are industry frontrunners, Seraphic Security and Acora, who have announced a strategic partnership intended to elevate cyber security standards and innovate browser security.

This collaboration acknowledges the critical role browsers play in business operations – Forrester reports indicate that a substantial 85% of workers conduct most or all of their endeavours via web browsers. It is with this data in mind that Acora and Seraphic Security aim to make sure an enterprise remains secure, no matter the devices its workforce uses.

Seraphic Security, a visionary force in enterprise browser security, introduces a trailblazing solution designed to fill in the gaps left behind by traditional technologies. Existing solutions like Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Secure Web Gateways (SWG), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) often don't provide sufficient visibility and control within browsers to effectively counteract threats like exploits, phishing and data loss.

Head of Enterprise Security at Acora, Simon Crumplin, said, "We look to partner with cybersecurity disruptors who can bring significant value to our customers, and we were impressed with Seraphic’s entirely unique approach to browser security. Their solution is fast and easy to deploy. It preserves the native user experience on every browser. And it can replace legacy technologies like VPN and VDI at a much better price point."

Seraphic's innovative approach changes the game by turning any browser — be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or others — into a secure enterprise browser. This solution provides robust controls to prevent exploits, phishing, and data loss, enabling employees to use their preferred browsers safely. The lightweight browser agent from Seraphic uses real-time telemetry and user context to detect and block web-based attacks, offering a level of protection surpassing that of traditional network- and endpoint-based technologies.

Graeme Jenkins, Regional Sales Director for the UK, Ireland, and the Nordic countries at Seraphic Security, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, "Acora has always been a leader in bringing new disruptive technologies to their customers, and we’re proud to be working with them. Together, we can provide an innovative browser security solution that delivers a new level of protection with no impact on user productivity."

Acora's dedication to innovation shines through in this partnership, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to bring groundbreaking technologies to their clientele. This joint venture with Seraphic offers an avant-garde approach to browser security, enhancing protection and aligning seamlessly with the mission of providing an optimal user experience without impacting productivity.