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Silobreaker launches integration with MITRE ATT&CK
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

Silobreaker, a security and threat intelligence technology company, has launched a new integration with MITRE ATT&CK, aimed at helping organisations improve their analysis and response to threats. These threats include those associated with malware and potential threat actors across different industries. The new enhancements allow users to identify and respond to emerging tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) using data drawn from Silobreaker's multitude of sources.

The new insights will empower organisations to sift through cybersecurity data, filtering it for relevance according to timespan, source, volume, and unusual activity. The results can then be used across three domains: Enterprise, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Mobile. The platform simplifies the often cumbersome process of transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, tailored to the needs of individual organisations.

Silobreaker's integration with MITRE ATT&CK allows organisations to plumb a wide variety of threat intelligence sources. These include open-source blogs, government agencies, and social media, as well as premium vendors. These sources are then represented in the globally recognised ATT&CK Matrix, providing up-to-date and high-quality information. This one-stop solution aims to equip threat intelligence teams with superior knowledge and understanding of TTPs in a convenient and efficient package.

Moreover, the integration allows for streamlined search capabilities. ATT&CK identifiers have been natively integrated into Silobreaker’s entity extraction and querying capabilities, enabling analysts to perform targeted searches for threat actors, malware, or relevant industry intelligence. This new feature is expected to expedite the process considerably and facilitate the communication of key TTPs to important stakeholders within organisations.

Commenting on the launch, Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker, explained the advantages of the new capability, "Silobreaker's threat intelligence platform, enhanced with MITRE ATT&CK TTP detection capabilities, provides organisations with even greater visibility of the evolving threat landscape. Threat intelligence analysts often spend hours mapping TTPs so they can better understand and mitigate threats; this latest integration speeds up that process, placing their organisations in a stronger position to defend against adversaries."

This move demonstrates Silobreaker's dedication to automating and streamlining otherwise complex and time-consuming tasks for its users, allowing them to produce and disseminate high-quality intelligence that can be readily applied. Through this, organisations can make intelligence-led decisions to mitigate risks and maximise business value. This development signals the awareness of evolving cybersecurity threats and the need for effective, convenient solutions.