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Pete Bowers stories

Pete Bowers is a prolific writer with a keen focus on the evolving cybersecurity landscape. His articles often delve into the intricacies of how businesses, especially mid-sized organisations, can navigate the complex world of cyber threats and data protection. His interest is not only in the threats themselves but also in how companies can demonstrate their commitment to cyber defences, as evidenced by his piece on Norm's attainment of prestigious accreditations from CREST and the NCSC.

In his work, Bowers also addresses the burgeoning industry of cyber insurance, acknowledging the increase in demand as threats become more prevalent. He guides organisations on what they need to consider as they seek coverage in a market where insurers are cautious and premiums are on the rise. Additionally, Bowers shows a keen eye for the latest solutions in cybersecurity, highlighting new services like NormCyber's smartbloc. managed service, which promises to give businesses more control over their security postures and data protection strategies.