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Check Point's Infinity Platform crowned leading Zero Trust Platform by Miercom
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

The Infinity Platform by Check Point Software Technologies has been named the leading Zero Trust Platform in the latest assessment by Miercom. Displaying high security effectiveness and distinctive ease-of-use, Check Point outstripped its rivals, establishing a benchmark for organisations looking to create a safe Zero Trust structure, essential for safeguarding business data against internal and external cyber threats.

The Check Point Infinity Platform has been recognised as a superior solution for Zero Trust security offering an exceptional user experience and outstanding security competence. Check Point’s commitment to delivering high-quality Zero Trust Platform is evident, claims Rob Smithers, CEO of Miercom, who presented the company with the Miercom Certified Secure award.

The prevailing requirement for Zero Trust architecture emanates from evolving cyber threats that break the traditional security perimeters. By adhering to the principle of ‘never trust, always verify,’ Zero Trust addresses the inadequacies of outdated security models, ensuring that access to corporate resources is strictly controlled. In this new era, where cyber threats are intricate and omnipresent, Zero Trust offers crucial defense, enhancing an organisation's resilience against cyber attacks.

Miercom's assessment, focusing on ten fundamental Zero Trust enterprise practices, was designed to mirror everyday organisational challenges. The use cases, representing diverse scenarios such as user authentication, access management, and threat prevention, were chosen for their relevance in showcasing a solution's ability to efficaciously implement Zero Trust principles. This comprehensive approach ensures the evaluation aligns closely with real-world security needs, providing a valuable benchmark for Zero Trust capabilities.

The Check Point Infinity Platform's exceptional performance in Miercom's Zero Trust Platform Assessment demonstrates their comprehensive and efficient approach to Zero Trust security, noted Eyal Manor, Vice President of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies. Beyond showcasing superior technology, the platform's achievements represent their deep alignment with the core goals of Zero Trust—reducing access risks, enhancing control and visibility, and improving the user experience.

Among the features that set Check Point Infinity platform apart in Miercom's benchmark were its superior platform abilities, allowing it to complete each test case in less than half the time required by competitors. Furthermore, it offered an extraordinary user experience by streamlining operations with fewer configuration steps, lowering the risk of misconfigurations. Lastly, scoring 3.8 out of 4, Check Point outperformed all competitors in security effectiveness.

This acknowledgment follows Check Point's success in Miercom's 2024 Next Generation Firewall Benchmark Report, which found that Check Point achieved a blocking rate of 99.8% on new malware and a 100% success rate in phishing prevention.