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Delinea acquires Authomize to amplify cloud-based identity threat defence
Wed, 10th Jan 2024

The innovative security firm Delinea has announced its acquisition of Authomize, a recognised key player in cloud-based identity threat detection and eradication. The merger aims to boost Delinea's Privileged Access Management (PAM) SaaS solutions by harnessing Authomize's cutting-edge capabilities in continuous online threat discovery and elimination.

Delinea, renowned for providing secure solutions for extended PAM, aims to leverage Authomize’s prowess in threat detection to further strengthen cloud-based PAM. By integrating Authomize’s prolific detection and elimination capabilities with its leading PAM solutions, the Delinea Platform is geared to enhance privileged controls within the cloud. The objective is to bolster defences against identity-based attacks like account takeovers and insider threats.

A troubling study by Osterman Research indicates that 80% of companies are now based across several clouds, increasing the risk of breaches due to lack of visibility into access protocols across these platforms. This issue is compounded by the fact that a staggering 76% of surveyed businesses confess to lacking complete visibility into access policies and applications, thereby amping up their vulnerability to threats. Authomize's continuous detection and visibility capabilities will be integrated with Delinea's industry-leading PAM SaaS solutions to strengthen the Delinea Platform's comprehensive privileged controls in the cloud, expanding its role in guarding against identity-based attacks.

"The ability of Delinea and Authomize combined enables customers to detect and mitigate active identity threats across SaaS applications, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure," shared Art Gilliland, CEO at Delinea. He also expressed his excitement about incorporating Authomize into Delinea, stating that it will significantly extend the reach of the Delinea Platform in helping organisations of all sizes reduce identity-related risk.

Authomize CIEM continuously monitors access privileges, usage changes, and connections between cloud services, SaaS applications, and IAM solutions, extending least privilege controls into the cloud environment. The integration of Authomize ITDR will intensify protection against threats across all identities by detecting abusive patterns and responding to attacks.

"This marks an exciting milestone in our mission to massively amplify the identification and mitigation of identity-based risks," mentioned Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea. He went on to detail how the combined technologies will leverage continuous monitoring to deliver broad privilege controls, all within a consolidated cloud-native platform. This consolidation ensures awareness and response to protect identities and data.

Authomize CEO Dotan Bar Noy also voiced his optimism about the integration and seeing the Israeli R&D centre expand Delinea’s presence in the region – a sentiment echoed by Authomize CTO Gal Diskin who looks forward to addressing rising identity threats across the industry.