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Henry Ajder to keynote Infosecurity Europe on AI & cybersecurity
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Infosecurity Europe, a leading cybersecurity event, has announced the keynote speaker for its London ExCeL event, which will run from 4 to 6 June 2024. Henry Ajder, a globally recognised advisor, Will Fill This Key Role. His talk will examine generative AI and its impact on the cybersecurity industry.

Ajder is a well-known figure in the generative AI and synthetic media revolution, having led ground-breaking research at MIT, WITNESS, and Sensity AI. His work has influenced international legislation and corporate AI strategies, and he often provides advice to organisations such as Adobe, Meta, the European Commission, the BBC, and the House of Lords on the implications of these rapidly evolving technologies.

Ajder's opening presentation will address the future of generative AI at a time when half of surveyed IT decision-makers express their intentions to integrate AI into their cybersecurity strategies, a decision driven by fear that AI may increase the likelihood of cyber attacks.

Following his keynote, Ajder will be joined on stage by Tope Olufon, Senior Analyst at Forrester, for a session titled "Wading through AI overload – where are we going and what are you doing?" Their discussion will focus on cutting through the industry's sensationalism and rumour to provide a realistic and practical approach to AI adoption and ensure trust in AI-generated information.

Expressing enthusiasm for the event, Ajder said, "I'm very much looking forward to sharing insights with leading cybersecurity professionals on the fast-evolving deepfakes and GenAI landscape. AI's role is no longer theoretical or a small segment, but a critical part of the threat and defence innovation landscape."

In parallel, Infosecurity Europe released their 2024 Cybersecurity Trends report, which uncovers current AI applications in organisations, anticipations for future use, and the associated risks. The report shows that while 50% of surveyed IT security decision-makers worry AI could lead to increased attacks, a contrasting 54% plan to integrate AI into their cybersecurity strategy within the next year.

Furthermore, 44% of respondents believe AI will provide their teams with the capacity to concentrate on future planning and business development. However, notwithstanding the positives, nearly half state that regulations and ethical concerns could potentially slow AI adoption.

Fittingly reflecting on these sentiments, Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, said, "AI is completely transforming the way we do things in the workplace, but cybercriminals are also taking advantage of this evolving tech. Henry’s insight into the challenges, the business needs, and the integrity of AI will provide the perfect stepping stones for those...tasked with AI implementation within their organisation."