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Human Managed launches CPM Bundle for data-driven cybersecurity
Thu, 15th Feb 2024

To meet the urgent need for business agility in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, Human Managed, a cloud-native data platform, has unveiled its Cyber Posture Management (CPM) Bundle. This solution promises to streamline and improve data-driven security for businesses around the globe.

Companies are presently grappling with an overload of information from various cybersecurity modules, making threat identification and responsive action a complex task. The CPM Bundle seeks to alleviate this by offering an all-rounded, adaptable, and swift approach to cybersecurity management.

According to Karen Kim, CEO of Human Managed, “Human Managed is disrupting the market norm by making cybersecurity management more data-driven and holistic. We are launching the CPM Bundle to provide speed, simplicity, and flexibility for the customer with up to 25% cost savings. The CPM Bundle ensures all services are contextualised to the business automatically, with all intel, decision and recommendation in one interface."

The CPM Bundle goes beyond conventional cybersecurity solutions. It includes asset management for the visibility and accuracy of digital assets alongside their importance to the business. It enables Cloud security posture management for quick and precise contextualisation and partnering of detections for effective cyber operations. Attack surface management provides targeted visibility of threats. Lastly, it allows for constant accurate assessment of compliance.

Kim further emphasises the ability of the CPM Bundle to provide customisable notification and dispatch workflows via any preferred channels such as email or Slack. As a result, decision-makers get timely notifications, ensuring rapid response capability. Kim added, “There is no requirement for any additional procurement. Enterprises can either use existing investments in tools to act as data sources or activate the Human Managed platforms 50+ out-of-the-box technology partners."

The swift deployability of the CPM bundle within two weeks, without a long-term contract, makes it an attractive cybersecurity solution for businesses of all sizes. Human Managed experts work closely with businesses to identify their monitoring prerequisites and objectives, ascertain their risk profiles, and gather critical data.

Presently, Human Managed services clientele is a roster of esteemed entities such as global banks, financial services institutions, and educational institutions in the ASEAN markets, including the Philippines and Cambodia. Cyber attacks are not a question of if but when. With the annual cost of cybercrime predicted to skyrocket from $8.4 trillion in 2022 to over $23 trillion in 2027, businesses need to be perpetually prepared with reliable cybersecurity systems such as the CPM Bundle.

Interestingly, 31% of cyber attack incidents remediated globally occur in the Asia Pacific. In the aftermath of COVID-19, digital adoption has outpaced digital literacy and cyber-awareness among users, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. It's been projected that the top 1000 companies in Southeast Asia risk losing US $750 billion in market capitalisation due to cybersecurity threats. With solutions like the CPM bundle, businesses can have an edge against such threats.