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ICS partners with e2e-assure to enhance cyber security for SMEs
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Incursion Cyber Security (ICS) has announced a strategic partnership with e2e-assure, a provider of Threat Detection & Response. This collaboration aims to expand ICS's service portfolio by integrating e2e-assure's Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services. It will allow ICS's clients to leverage proactive, real-time monitoring, detection, and rapid response tools to enhance the protection of their attack surfaces and bolster overall security, according to the company.

e2e-assure's adaptive threat detection services provide businesses with a modular, cost-effective approach to both common and sophisticated threats. The escalated need for these services has been accentuated by a 200% surge in ransomware attacks in 2023, primarily targeting the mid to SME markets. As such, this partnership highlights the need for businesses to invest in Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR).

Beyond EDR, the comprehensive managed detection and response services from e2e-assure align seamlessly with Incursion's mission to deliver comprehensive, accessible cyber security solutions for SMEs in a continually evolving threat landscape. ICS's approach typically entails conducting penetration testing and security audits, playing a pivotal role in identifying vulnerabilities through simulated cyberattacks and assessing the established cyber security infrastructure against compliance and industry standards.

The partnership between ICS and e2e-assure supports SMEs and mid-market organisations in optimising their technological and personnel resources. By identifying and addressing gaps in cyber security measures and enhancing security controls, both companies are maximising the cyber defence capabilities of businesses. This ensures a tailored, cost-effective strategy against evolving threats.

Lewis Lockwood, Co-Founder and CEO of ICS, comments on the partnership: "In our role as a cyber security consultancy, it's our responsibility to equip our clients to handle both simple and sophisticated attacks. Detecting vulnerabilities and strengthening controls before cybercriminals exploit them ensures they can. This alliance with e2e-assure positions us to meet this challenge proactively. We're excited to add e2e-assure's Modern Workplace Protection (MWP) and MDR services to our portfolio."

Lockwood further amplifies the significance of the partnership, stating, "This collaboration marks a significant milestone for ICS. It reinforces our commitment to rigorously testing client controls against the latest threats, ensuring compliance and resilient attack surfaces in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape. By leveraging these advanced services, ICS positions itself at the forefront of proactive cybersecurity."

Mike Ellis, Director Channel Sales at e2e-assure, expresses his pleasure at welcoming ICS into e2e-assure's elite partner community, highlighting Incursion's wealth of experience and specialisations will enhance the existing partner ecosystem. He further expects that having ICS invested to deliver positive business outcomes by offering advanced Detection and Response services will result in a long-standing and mutually beneficial partnership, consequently producing many satisfied clients - the ultimate goal for both parties.

Anticipating the successful collaboration, Tim Anderson, Chief Commercial Officer at e2e-assure, said, "I'm excited to be signing Incursion, a fantastic addition to our growing partner community. I believe this will be a very strong collaborative partnership as we drive our joint ambition to bring UK businesses supreme cyber protection."