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NormCyber unveils service to enhance cyber incident readiness
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

Risk management specialist, NormCyber, located in Fareham, has announced the launch of its new Incident Response Readiness Assessment service. The service, introduced in response to a concerning 64% rise in cyber incidents last year, aims to bolster the effectiveness of organisational responses to cyber threats by enabling them to rehearse and perfect their tactics during simulated attacks.

The award-winning company's latest offering operates by pinpointing and addressing any weaknesses in a client's existing cyber incident response measures. It provides customers with a refined framework of processes, roles and responsibilities, thereby amplifying their preparation for possible cyber-attacks and, in turn, reducing the potential impacts these breaches could impose on their operations.

Adhering to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) standards, the service includes the following procedures:

Scoping - Two appropriate attack scenarios are chosen, with the participation of relevant stakeholders. A team of NormCyber's experts then presents these scenarios and facilitate related discussions. Assessment - An analysis of the scenarios and potential response strategies is conducted, highlighting any problem areas within the existing incident response plan of the organisation. Action Plan - The development of a comprehensive action plan serves as a roadmap for improving future incident readiness by outlining the specific steps to be taken by the organisation for advancement.

COO at NormCyber, Pete Bowers, emphasised the significance of preemptive readiness in handling cyber incidents. He noted: “When it comes to cyber incidents, perception often differs from reality. Organisations may think they’re prepared, but they won’t know until a breach actually happens. Our Incident Response Readiness Assessment Service has been developed to help businesses minimise impact and recover as quickly as possible. It acts like a fire drill, bringing these scenarios to life and allowing organisations to rehearse and refine their responses to threats, thereby ensuring a robust strategy in the event of a breach."

The company's Cyber Incident Response Team, accredited by CREST and certified by the National Cyber Security Centre as Cyber Incident Response Level 2, has a wealth of experience in steering organisations through recovery following significant security breaches, data loss, theft and fraud. By applying the team’s first-hand learnings from real-life incidents, businesses can lessen the potential impact of cyber attacks.

NormCyber has been providing mid-sized organisations with influential control over cyber risk since it was established in 2015. They have a client list from various sectors including finance, banking, insurance, logistics, retail, and consumer goods, and with an impressive customer retention rate of over 95%.