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Palo Alto Networks acquires Talon, boosts appliance security
Tue, 2nd Jan 2024

Palo Alto Networks, a worldwide cybersecurity pioneer, has finalised the acquisition of Talon Cyber Security, an innovator in enterprise browser technology. The acquisition is a major step towards enhancing security for all managed and unmanaged appliances.

Nikesh Arora, Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, emphasised the integration of Talon's enterprise browser with Prisma SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). He said, "Most work today occurs via web browsers, often on unmanaged devices, which poses enormous security risks. Through the seamless integration of Talon's Enterprise Browser with Prisma SASE, we will elevate our best-in-class solution that provides ironclad security and data protection for all users across all applications and from any device or location."

In the rapidly evolving world of online threats, workers commonly employ personal and unmanaged devices to access pivotal business applications, alongside conventional corporate laptops. This, while promoting productivity, increases the security risk due to lack of consistent control, visibility, and security across various devices.

Addressing these issues calls for an all-encompassing SASE solution to securely permit users to access crucial business applications, no matter the device used. Arora said, "Additionally, we plan to extend Talon's cutting-edge Enterprise Browser technology to our qualified SASE AI customers at no additional cost."

Modern organizations rely on a variety of workers, from full-time employees to contractors, to move their business forward. A recent study estimates that nearly 36% of the workforce recognizes themselves as independent workers. As organizations embrace bring your own device (BYOD) policies, they often allow employees and contractors to use their personal devices to connect to business applications. While this creates a greater degree of flexibility for workers, it creates a significant gap in the security posture.

Talon's Enterprise Browser will play a decisive role in such a comprehensive SASE solution by offering defence against phishing attacks, harmful browser extensions, and web-based attacks. Furthermore, it provides robust controls to ensure sensitive data does not leave the browser's environment, irrespective of whether the enterprise manages the device.

The merger of Palo Alto Networks and Talon Cyber Security further strengthens Palo Alto Networks' Prisma SASE as the secure base for agile and cloud-enabled organisations. The integration of Talon with Prisma Access brings substantial productivity benefits by empowering the use of unmanaged devices. It also guarantees uniform security and increased device usage visibility while preserving user privacy.

The acquisition reaffirms Prisma SASE's status as the most comprehensive single-vendor SASE solution, promoting customers to adopt a unified SASE approach for complete Zero Trust security. When launched along with the Enterprise Browser, Prisma SASE will be instrumental in securing all web apps - public and private - as well as all devices, whether managed or unmanaged.