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SentinelOne boosts AI-powered threat-hunting with new WatchTower features
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Global security company SentinelOne, has introduced new threat-hunting capabilities in its WatchTower and WatchTower Pro managed threat-hunting services.

This AI-powered solution empowers businesses to identify and neutralise sophisticated cyber threats at machine speed. The aim is to assist organisations who might otherwise struggle to contend with the persistent onslaught of complex cyber attacks.

The realities of modern business operations are such that cyber attacks occur at a relentless pace. Organisations, therefore, have to be able to swiftly detect and neutralise these threats in order to keep their assets and infrastructure secure.

However, many lack the resources to deal with the scale and sophistication of these attacks. This fact makes SentinelOne’s new services a valuable offering that enables security teams to counter threats efficiently across their enterprise, the company states.

Brian Hussey, Vice President of Threat Hunting and DFIR at SentinelOne, expressed concern over businesses' risk exposure due to "limited visibility into potential security breaches."

He also highlighted the difficulties presented by the accelerating rates of attacks and a critical shortage of skilled security professionals. Hussey explained that through the expanded threat-hunting capabilities, customers can utilise SentinelOne's "unparalleled threat intelligence" and professional team of security experts to quickly mitigate these challenges and maintain a secure digital business environment.

As part of SentinelOne's comprehensive managed security services, WatchTower employs intelligence-driven threat hunting. The program incorporates expert analysis to help identify emergent attackers and maximise threat visibility across businesses.

The newly expanded capabilities to support this include 24/7 real-time threat hunting, detection of anomalous and suspicious behaviour, expanded coverage against known and emergent threats, and access to WatchTower's in-house threat intelligence library. By using these features, security teams can actively drive security improvements and enhance their risk management.

Bruno Cunha, Cybersecurity Lead at Stingray, commented on SentinelOne's timely performance, stating that it "guarantees that an incident or suspicious behaviour is reviewed and responded to within the least possible amount of time". He also mentioned the system's reliability in terms of facilitating investigations or responding to an event.

The expanded threat-hunting capabilities within WatchTower and WatchTower Pro are available now to customers and managed security service providers. By integrating SentinelOne's services, they can remain prepared and responsive in the face of evolving cyber threats.

WatchTower is a team of globally distributed threat hunters, investigators, and cyber security researchers. They have been providing industry-leading hunting and intelligence services to clients since 2020.

SentinelOne is an internationally recognised specialist in AI-based cyber security. The firm's Singularity Platform identifies, prevents, and responds to cyber attacks at machine speed. This functionality aids organisations in securing endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, identities, and mobile and network-connected devices with both speed and precision, according to the company. SentinelOne services are trusted by over 11,500 customers, encompassing Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global 2000 companies, as well as government entities.