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VIAVI adds traffic analysis capabilities to Observer Sentry SaaS solution
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

VIAVI Solutions has unveiled new capabilities for its Observer Sentry Software-as-a-Service-based (SaaS) threat exposure management solution. Adding traffic analysis capabilities further supports enterprises with multiple AWS clouds by enabling the immediate address of possible threats.

Observer Sentry's new functionalities aid SecOps, DevOps and cloud architects in determining whether a vulnerability has been exploited by going beyond the mere identification of potential exposures. Such a detailed analysis allows these teams to conduct forensic-level traffic analysis if such events occur.

Observer Sentry carries out audits of security groups, access control lists, and other configuration sources to identify both resources and relationships across all AWS accounts. This comprehensive analysis highlights misconfigurations and overly permissive settings, pinning down unwanted exposures. Its integration with vulnerability scanners facilitates the automatic prioritisation of remediation measures for critical vulnerabilities.

The exposure and vulnerability analysis offered by Observer Sentry is further augmented by traffic integration. The integration compares what the configuration will permit with the actual events that take place. Additionally, its integration with the VIAVI Observer Apex performance monitoring solution allows for deep traffic analysis on exposed resources that may have been compromised and vulnerabilities exploited.

Chris Labac, Vice President and General Manager of Network Performance and Threat Solutions at VIAVI, stressed the necessity of these enhancements, saying, "As cloud service adoption accelerates and attack surfaces grow, enterprises need to move beyond siloed vulnerability management to secure their cloud environments. This is especially critical with customers maintaining multiple AWS accounts."

Labac further noted the impact of the Observer Sentry's new capabilities, stating, "The powerful combination of Observer Sentry with VIAVI's industry-leading flow analysis takes threat exposure management to the next level by providing critical traffic visibility, enabling enterprises to identify, prioritise and remediate threats effectively."

Observer Sentry forms an integral part of the VIAVI Network Performance and Threat Solutions (NPTS) portfolio. It utilises the Observer platform along with its patented End-User Experience Scoring to continuously monitor and analyse end-to-end network and service architectures, ensuring both security and peak performance for enterprises worldwide.

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