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Industrial Defender launches intelligent vulnerability management tool
Fri, 5th Jan 2024

Industrial Defender, a pioneering provider of OT (Operational Technology) asset data and cybersecurity solutions for industrial firms, has announced the roll-out of a brand-new product: Industrial Defender Risk Signal, a risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution.

This product seeks to intelligently rank vulnerabilities based on their potential impact, thus integrating threat intelligence and user-specific business context.

This ground-breaking RBVM solution marks a notable advance in vulnerability management for industrial environments. It provides improved insights into the vulnerabilities that matter most to the user's particular operations. Industrial Defender Risk Signal has been designed to trim down vulnerability lists by over 97%, helping operators to make informed decisions in addressing a more focused set of vulnerabilities, based on their particular OT asset purpose and operational context.

Jay Williams, Industrial Defender's CEO, stressed the importance of understanding the real risks posed by vulnerabilities in OT management. He said, "Operators require accurate insights as to how vulnerabilities would indeed impact their production and operations. With the overwhelming number of vulnerabilities they confront, they need dependable information before choosing to patch or make any modifications in these operational environments."

Williams continues, "This is vital to avoid potential downtime or disruption. Our aim with Industrial Defender Risk Signal is enabling operators to concentrate on the vulnerabilities that actually threaten their operations."

The innovative solution aims to sift through thousands of vulnerabilities and correlate traditional vulnerability severity scores, forward-looking threat intelligence information and business criticality associated with assets to determine a 'Priority Score', the company states. This score will enable organisations to focus on prioritised, actionable remediation plans that can truly protect their operations.

Moreover, the Priority Score can be customized to reflect the unique business needs and risk appetite of every customer. This allows users to set parameters as per the business and technical factors that matter most to them.

The functionalities of Industrial Defender Risk Signal include integrated threat intelligence, which enriches the asset and vulnerability data automatically. The solution also offers unique business consideration capabilities, allowing users to define and factor in the business importance of assets.

It delivers prioritised remediation plans and facilitates more than a 97% decrease in the volume of identified vulnerabilities that pose a genuine risk. Automated data and feed aggregation has been incorporated, with vulnerability information from various sources being cleansed, enriched, and consolidated for use by different teams. Finally, the product can be customised to cater to various organisational risk tolerance levels.